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Crash & Mars

The dynamic duo, with a shared love of cats, bad karaoke, and insanely early mornings.

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The tallest man in radio, and is the biggest rule-breaker of NOW! radio… never sure what he’s gonna do next.

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A lover of cats, (seriously, a LOT of cats), and adorable gingers, including her hubby Ty, and her kids, Layla and Eva.

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Joelle & Chris

Used to drive around, saving lives as an EMT… now I make fart jokes on the radio… clearly I’ve made some mistakes.

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Fitzy’s known for being the wild one of the bunch. Pizza, bacon, beer: the only tools you need to get what you want outta this guy.

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Mark D

The baby of the hosts, Mark was one shoulder injury away from being a war hero! (Well, that’s how The Boss tells the story anyways)

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